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I wrote the following routine in order to copy all files in a directory to a subdirectory and then remove them, but I keep getting an access denied on the copy_fail which looks misleading to me. Paths are corrects, files exist and permission are not read-only in the destination directory just created.

Any suggestion how to hunt the source of the problem?

I tried to debug, but I don't have the boost::filesystem source code.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

 // TODO: Catch errors.

 boost::filesystem::path full_path( boost::filesystem::current_path() );

 // Create directory subdir if not exist
 boost::filesystem::path subdirPath(kSubdirectory);
    if ( !boost::filesystem::exists(subdirPath) )
  PLog::DEV.Development(devVerbose, "%s: creating directory %s", __FUNCTION__, subdirPath.string());
 } else
  PLog::DEV.Development(devVerbose, "%s: directory %s exist", __FUNCTION__, subdirPath.string());

 // Iterate through the configuration files defined in the static array
 // copy all files with overwrite flag, if successfully delete file (looks like there is not remove)
 for (int i = 0; i < kNumberOfConfigurationFiles; i++)
  boost::filesystem::path currentConfigurationFile(kConfigurationFiles[i]);

   boost::filesystem::copy_file(currentConfigurationFile, subdirPath, boost::filesystem::copy_option::overwrite_if_exists);
  catch (exception& e)
   PLog::DEV.Development(devError, "%s: exception - %s", __FUNCTION__, e.what());
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You have to specify the filename you want for subdirPath and not just the path. boost's copy_file isn't smart enough to know that by specifying a directory name, you want the file to have the same name as the source.

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Why isn't this marked as the answer? Helped me a lot, thanks ;) – Andy Reimann Dec 17 '14 at 17:29

What OS are running this on? If on Linux/Unix then have you considered permissions on directory holding your source files (you are removing currentConfigurationFile, this means that directory holding that file must have write permission)?

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I'm on windows. I rewrote the same piece of functionality by using Windows API and it works. Does the destination argument need to be a file or a directory ? Thanks. – emitrax Nov 18 '10 at 8:54

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