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I require some informations like the amount of resend packages/packet-loss occurred for a specific TCP-Socket I created. Does somebody know a way how to access or request such informations directly from my C/C++ program? Maybe something Linux specific?

Or do I need (as a workaround) to capture and analyze my own traffic?

Thanks in advance!

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By using getsockopt() to get or setsockopt() to set TCP socket options, you can use TCP_INFO option on linux machines in order to get information about a socket. This option should be avoided if you want the code to be portable.

What you will get back is a struct tcp_info from the kernel that contains information such as retransmissions, lost packets, states etc.

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Sadly this isn't easy to find and tcp_info seems to be not very well documented. However, after some trial & error it seems to deliver what I need. Thanks! –  NoName Nov 17 '10 at 14:19

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