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I have looked around and I see a lot of people asking how to implode arrays with nested arrays. However, these people usually want to include the nested array as well. I do not want to include the nested array... I want to throw out the nested array...

This is my array:

[tag] => Array
    [0] => one
    [1] => two
    [0_attr] => Array
            [category] => three
            [lock] => four

    [2] => five

If I implode this array, comma delimited, I want the result to be:

one, two, five

Notice how three and four are NOT included. Since they are a nested array, I don't want it. I only want immediate values. How exactly would I get this done?

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You might want to add a tag for the language. – TeaDrivenDev Nov 17 '10 at 10:48
are you just looking for an algorithm, or do you want code? If you want code, you'll need to let us know the language. – Matt Ellen Nov 17 '10 at 10:58
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You would need to iterate all the values in $tag and filter out those is array
such as

$tags = array();
foreach ($tag as $index=>$value)
  if (!is_array($value))
     $tags[$index] = $value;
implode(',', $tags);

I found the above is a bit tedious,
here is the improved version

$arr = array(0 => "one", 1 => "two", 2 => array(1,2,3), 3=>4, 4=>new stdClass);
echo implode(",", array_filter($arr, "is_scalar"));

output :

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