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I have a problem with transitioning between views in different ViewControllers.

Here is the situation:

My App is a TabBarApplication done with IB which contains a UIViewController for each Tab. The UIViewController (PlayerTabViewController) of the first tab contains another UIViewController (PlayerCreationViewController) to manage a view that will be added as subview.

I was able to add the subview using

[self.view addSubview:playerCreationViewController.view];

In the PlayerTabViewController.

The problem is that from the subview I have to return to the parent view and reload it because it contains a tableview that must be refreshed.

Using [self.view removeFromSuperview]; in the PlayerCreationViewController I can switch back to the parent view, but I'm not able to reload the tableview or do other actions. I tried to implement the -(void)willRemoveSubview:(UIView *)subview method in PlayerTabViewController but it seems the function is never called.

Do you have an Idea of what am I doing wrong?

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you are using wrong method to go on next view. just use navigation view controller to switch from one view to another view.

create a object of view

PlayerCreationViewController *playerViewController = [[PlayerCreationViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"PlayerCreationViewController" bundle:nil];

[self.navigationController pushViewController:playerViewController animated:YES];

[playerViewController release];
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