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I'm using Jquery in my project. Everything works good on Firefox, but on IE, I get error saying "Invalid argument","Code 0". I found that the line

$(thisObj).css({'border':'1px dotted transparent;'});

is causing problem.

Is there any other way to set the css ?

Also, in the same project, I'm using styleSheet object. I have completed the functionality and it works on Firefox. Now, While I tested on IE, I needed to change some property names to make it working. What can be the best way to make it working for IE also. Do I need to rewrite the functions for IE ?

Thanks in advance.

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i usually use $(thisObj).css('border','1px dotted transparent'); syntax

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It shouldn't matter - I think the object is traversed and ran as above under the hood. – alex Nov 17 '10 at 11:36

When using a setting call to .css() you shouldn't include the trailing semi colon on the value, as you would in a normal bit of CSS.

$(thisObj).css({'border':'1px dotted transparent;'});
                                      //remove this semi-colon

$(thisObj).css({'border':'1px dotted transparent'});

I've just quickly tested this on my work IE7 machine here, and adding a semi-colon to any .css() call of this nature instantly breaks it with the error message you are quoting.

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