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Im trying to get pretty.js to prettify code in CODE tags, using this js:

onload_functions.push(function() {
    var node_list=document.getElementsByTagName('code');
    for (i=0; i < node_list.length; i++) {

This works fine for Firefox :) but IE's having none of it. What am i doing wrong?

You can see it (non)working at http://sam.xnet.tk

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If the code element has any other class names, this will yield chaos in IE. Using the (IE-specific) JavaScript property className will likely work. I commented on the onload function on your website. Btw, the way you embed the JavaScript it will break future standard-compatible browsers, see the W3C validator's output for your site. The easiest solution is to move the code to an external file.

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Yep, className is IE only. Standards-compliant browsers use class. –  Steve Losh Jan 7 '09 at 14:29

This would be far simple and work in all browsers with jQuery.

$(function() {

EDIT: The reason it's not working in IE is because IE uses 'className' instead of 'class' just to make life miserable.

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I think i may have to use jquery, was holding off because its another 50Kb people must download to view the page. –  Sam Jan 7 '09 at 14:26
Hm, according to the jQuery site it's only 15kb. Also take a look at this article: encosia.com/2008/12/10/… If you let google host it, then a user won't need to download it if they've ever visited a site that did the same. –  Steve Losh Jan 7 '09 at 14:28

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