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At the moment we are discussing to buy a commercial control/component suite for Windows Forms and WPF. There are several suppliers on the market, like Telerik, DevExpress, VIBlend and others. Which of them would you recommend? What are the differences? Which suites have the best price-performance ratio? Which are easy to use?

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WE are using Xceed and Infragistics

Both of them are actively developed. Xceed has a very active community and well documented products.


Before selecting one lib ensure what you need. Research forums on each lib and check how other users were/weren't able to solve their issues. Control libraries are nice in use in standard scenarios, but if you want some more sophisticated solution you will need to dig into forums/blogs about the lib you have taken. That's why community is so important.

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+1 for the Telerik suite. They can be rather bulky but they are feature-rich.

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One true source for this kind of information: http://www.componentsource.com/features/net-winform-controls/index.html

Check prices, comparison, reviews...

My comment: -1 for Telerik (memory issues, really really bulky) +1 DevExpress (easy) +1 ComponentOne (easy) +1 Ingragistics (easy)

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