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I need a regular expression can match javascript functions like

function abc(var1, var2){

abc : function(var1, var2){
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You think you do. But you don't. What are you trying to actually accomplish? –  annakata Nov 17 '10 at 13:31

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In JS, a function can contain functions (which in turn can contain functions, and so on):

x = function() {
  this.y = function() { /* ... */ };
  function z() { /* ... */ }

Also, you can have string literals or comments that can contain (sub) strings that either look like functions:

var s = "function notAFunction(){}";
function alsoNotAFunction(){}

or contain parts of functions your regex would trip over:

function f() {
  var s = "not a closing bracket: } ";

So, to answer you question what the regex would be to match functions in JS: it does not exist. You should/could use a proper parser for this.

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Are you trying to parse JS with regex? If so, DON'T. Regex is a VERY BAD parser see these questions as well.

When should I use a parser?

RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

If you're not supposed to use Regular Expressions to parse HTML, then how are HTML parsers written?

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