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I am searching the technique for developing a website like this : http://www.view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0.swf

But having no idea from what to begin with , Can anyone guide me to what to do?


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it fails to load. it uses 6 pics so it's probably a cube - so i'll try to answer GET(Cache)application/x-shockwave-flash view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0.swf GET(Cache)image/x-icon view360.in/favicon.ico; GET 404 text/html(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0.‌​xml; GET 404 text/html(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0_‌​0.jpg GET 404 text/html(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0_‌​1.jpg GET 404 text/html(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)view360.in/virtualtour/panchalangkurichi/files/pano0_‌​2.jpg –  www0z0k Nov 17 '10 at 16:38
Did you have any success in image 360 degree view? –  shasi kanth Jun 14 '11 at 6:50

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