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I am a newbie in codeigniter framework.I am totally confused how can I start with CI? What would be the folder structure ,I am seeing a folder structure by default, but after searching ,all are concerned about a better folder structure

Also it would be a themeable one .So I/anyone can simply theme it,without touching the views ,if once developed Please advice me

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Reading the online manual would be your first best step, instead of looking for shortcuts and untainted opinions –  stillstanding Nov 17 '10 at 12:41

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I create a tutorial How to start with Codeigniter? that for the beginner but you already need to know about php well. Good luck!

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"Great Thanks!" –  rinto Jan 17 '12 at 11:57
Link on your answer has been moved so update your answer or give details about it... –  nKandel Nov 24 '12 at 6:33
Link redirects to a blog site with this same question and spam answers. –  AlexQueue Jan 22 '13 at 20:44


The folder structure is something which is more advanced. Don't worry about it until you have something to put into the folders.

The whole point of views is that you're supposed to skin them and ignore the rest of the application.

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Start by going through the first few tutorials here. Don't worry about the folder structure yet, start by understanding MVC.

Also, Codeigniter has a really helpful user guide. If you get stuck on your way, look there for help.

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First, you must understand the concept of MVC (Model, View, Controller) that CodeIgniter uses. Then...
go to your www folder
and: system/application
you now have:
controllers - where all your code goes
views - the html stuff
models - don't worry with this if your newbie
and others...
you also have a tutorial on themes at the URL cwallenpoole gave you.

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