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Is there a vsdoc documentation file available for QUnit anywhere? I've not been able to find any in the usual places (QUnit site, JQuery site, Google, SO).

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yep, like jon says, VS will give you the methods but no descriptions. Anyway, there are only a few methods. –  gideon Feb 5 '12 at 13:26

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If you include /// <reference path="https://github.com/jquery/qunit/raw/master/qunit/qunit.js" /> (or a reference to your local copy) at the top of your javascript file, you can get the correct method names.

However, there is no Intellisense-documented .js file available at the time of this writing.

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I made the following. Just copy it into a js file in your solution where VS 2010 (or earlier?) can parse it. Intellisense will pick it up.

var QUnit = { };
QUnit.init = function( ) {};
QUnit.reset = function( ) {};

test = function(name, opt_expected, test) {};
asyncTest = function(name, opt_expected, test) {};
expect = function(amount) {};
module = function(name, opt_lifecycle) {};
ok = function(state, opt_message) {};
equal = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
notEqual = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
deepEqual = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
notDeepEqual = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
strictEqual = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
notStrictEqual = function(actual, expected, opt_message) {};
raises = function(block, expected, opt_message) {};
start = function(opt_decrement) {};
stop = function(opt_increment) {};
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You've got some syntactical errors on your script. At some places you should replace ; with , and don't forget about var. –  Oybek Oct 11 '13 at 16:25

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