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How to handle web.config content's update event? I mean not for administrator purposes (wmi etc) but for programming - I need recalculate some data inside the web service in case configuration parameter has changed.

There are no any suitable events in the WebConfigurationManager, ConfigurationManager, Configuration, ConfigurationSection, SectionInformation... So where to dig for them?

P.S. .net 3.5

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I think yo need to provide some more information about the technologies you are working with and potentially tag the question accordingly. – Marcus Whybrow Nov 17 '10 at 14:59
Hmm... I can add only that the web service is hosted on MS IIS (surprise) and repeat that I need to know how web service can be informed about the fact that its web.config has changed (by "hands"). – Roman Pokrovskij Nov 17 '10 at 15:32

You can use the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher to monitor changes on any file, including Web.config. It will raise an event when the file changes.

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Using System.IO.FileSystemWatcher bring two problems (and possibly one headache - security): one is impossibility to lock "whole configuration" (static and recalculable) during changes and second is that I just don't understand who (which thread) will do this monitoring, where start it.

I was expected to find special event, then I will no need to solve those problems.

There are no such events, but I found that there is comfortable solution - have custom config section with overridden PostDeserialize method. There is some risk since I don't understand whole proccess, there are some mistic. Custom section instance is recreated on each edit TWICE, constructor called twice, Init method called twice, I don't know why, but PostDeserialize - called only once - so all is ok - but who knows what I will meet in production...

public class CustomSettings : ConfigurationSection
           protected override void PostDeserialize()
                findCertificate(this["Thumbprint"]); // searching for certificate in windows certificate repository and setup Certificate property

            public CustomSettings()
                InternalProperties = new ConfigurationPropertyCollection(/*... */)
            public X509Certificate Certificate { get; private set; }

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