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I need two iphones to communicate (send and receive messages) without being inside a LAN. I read that Game Kit Framework makes this possibile but only via bluetooth (is that right?). The application that I have to create need a larger radius than bluetooth so I need wifi but I can't have a Laptop that create the network 'cause this application will run on the outside just between iphone (without internet connection).

Is that possibile? In that case, where do I have to take a look? (Bonjour, Game Kit Framework..)

Thank you

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There are 3rd party applications I can download for my nokia e90 that let me host a wireless network. This means it's definitly possible with WiFi, or you could actually use an external application so that you can connect the two phones by LAN first. – Hannesh Nov 17 '10 at 15:05
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Here's the deal ...

  1. GameKit works with EITHER bluetooth or wifi. It's completely automatic.

  2. An iPhone or iPad CAN NOT create a wifi network. That's that. As you know a Mac can create it's own WiFi network for local use. An iFone/iPad can NOT do that, so that's that.

So that's the answer.

(By the way when you program it using GameKit, you can not even CHOOSE between bluetooth or wifi. The hardware just uses what is available at the time. GameKit makes it very easy, but offers almost no options. As a user, if you want to force an app that uses GameKit to use either bluetooth or wifi, the only way to do so is to plain turn off one or the other - the device must then use the other one!)

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Gamekit works well, but under some circumstances it can take a while to establish a connection. – Matt Williamson Nov 17 '10 at 15:29

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