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I have an XCode project, with the XIB interface files built using Interface Builder. I'm building localized XIB files by using ibtool to extract strings, translating them, and using ibtool again to build localized XIB files.

However, doing this means I have to translate all items in the application menus, including those that are completely standard (File, Save, Open, Minimize, etc.). Is there a way to avoid that?

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So, apparently no way around this.

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i've developed a solution to this problem.


look for "Translator", it will translate your MainMenu.strings file into a dozen languages with the standard Apple translations for the standard menu item strings.

if you find some strings or languages missing that Aapple has included in their base apps, please send a patch over.

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note that all 32 languages that Mac OS X comes in are now supported. its main "database" is here, patches welcome: github.com/core-code/MiscApps/blob/master/Translator/Translator/… –  user1259710 Jan 20 at 19:04
Very handy, thanks user1259710! Let’s hope Xcode 6 makes all this easier by default for non-English developers… –  wdyp Jul 24 at 0:02

I have been looking for a similar solution for a while and I found this resource


It quotes toward the end of the article:

ibtool will look through MainMenu.xib for every user-visible string and insert that string with an associated ObjectID into MainMenu.strings, essentially a dictionary of strings keyed by ObjectID. Even better, the tool sorts them by ObjectID, so versioned .strings files are nicely diff’able. I can easily see what strings are added, removed, or just changed. Let me repeat this because it’s so incredibly handy: .strings files diff well! Of course, these .strings files are unicode, so they are not grep’able. Below is an example of the output for a string:

Go ahead and take a look I really hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

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I'm afraid you misunderstand my issue: I already use ibtool to maintain translations. This does not, however, address the issue of not wanting to translate all the standard menu items of the app (Copy, Paste, etc.). –  F'x Nov 27 '10 at 8:28
Ah, I wish I could have helped more. –  austinbv Nov 27 '10 at 14:31

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