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I've created an autologin hook, and this works fine to log the user in. However I'm now trying to redirect the user to a specific page on my portal in case the autologin fails (to localhost:8080/web/security/registerConditions).

However a response.sendRedirect to that URL seems to cause an infinite loop between the autologin and that page? Does anyone have any recommendations? For now I think that liferay's autologin might set the http code and that's causing the loop.

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Naturally, if all URLs cause an anonymous session to redirect to some autologin url, this redirection loop will happen. You need to make sure that your /web/security/registerConditions page is available for anonymous users and doesn't trigger autologin.

A more specific answer would need more details about your implementation. You can try to look at Liferay's SSO-Filters to see how various single-sign-on-systems are integrated with Liferay.

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