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I'm transferring a very large (35GB) file through SFTP and FileZilla.

Now the transfer is 59.7% done, but I keep getting this error, and it hasn't changed that number for hours.

Error:     File transfer failed after transferring 1,048,576 bytes in 10 seconds
Status:    Starting upload of C:\Files\static.sql.gz
Status:    Retrieving directory listing...
Command:   ls
Status:    Listing directory /var/www/vhosts/site/httpdocs
Command:   reput "C:\Files\static.sql.gz" "static.sql.gz"
Status:    reput: restarting at file position 20450758656
Status:    local:C:\Files\static.sql.gz => remote:/var/www/vhosts/site/httpdocs/static.sql.gz
Error:     error while writing: failure

Why do I keep getting this error?

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Is the remote volume out of free space? – cdhowie Nov 17 '10 at 16:37
Check disk space here – Günay Gültekin Nov 17 '14 at 9:46

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Credit to cdhowie: The remote volume was out of space.

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This is huge... I was going out of my mind before I thought to contact the hardware department and see how much space they had reserved for the vm I was uploading to. – Steven Mann Oct 20 at 14:19

I encountered the same situation. Go to your server, run "df" command to see if there is a problem of hard disk space.

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