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I would like to add a button to my website so when people click it, they will post a message to their facebook status feed with a message (I'm OK with they having to approve it). FB.ui and stream.publish look like exactly what I want.

The Facebook documentation for FB.init states that:

Note: Some UI methods like stream.publish and stream.share can be used without registering an application or calling this method.

So I don't need to register a Facebook application, brilliant. However I can't get FB.ui(… 'stream.publish…) to work. The popup window says "An error occurred. Please try again later.". I am not using FB.init, nor using an appid. (All this is done in JavaScript).

There is some notes on the web that you now need an app id to use stream.publish. is this true? Do you need an appid to use stream.publish?

My code is this:

$(function() {
  $("#share_on_facebook").click(function() {
      method: 'stream.publish',
      message: 'Check out this great app! http://apps.facebook.com/{your_app}'

I can call stream.share without needing an appid (as the documentation says). It's just stream.publish that I can't do.

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Looks like it might be possible. Check out this example:


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That example is no longer available ?!? –  Martin Feb 21 '11 at 14:48

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