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I'm looking for a rich-text editor control that has some way of allowing users to copy-paste images into it, a la Google Mail. I guess I'm hoping there's some way to communicate the binary contents of an image on the clipboard to the browser (and perhaps store these contents in a hidden element somewhere that I can access). If you can't think of a rich-text editor with this functionality included - can anyone think of a way to accomplish this using JavaScript?

This only needs to be functional on IE5+, but any solutions that might work on IE are welcome.

Any help appreciated - let me know in comments if there's any part of this question which isn't clear.



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What happens in Google mail, is that when you drag an image into a richtext area, it receives a dragdrop event with the URL of the image. If the image is online, you can have javascript capture this and insert an <img> tag. It won't work if the image is on the users file-system though (For security reasons).

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