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I am trying to find the location and frequency of the following patterns

x37 x41 x42 x43 x44 x45 x46 x63 x75 x76 x81 x82 x83 x95 x96 Bottom1 Bottom2 Bottom3 Middle Middle1 Right1 Top3

in a htdocs directory.

Thanks in advance!

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If you want instructions on using find and grep, you should go to Super User or possibly unix.stackexchange.com. If this is instead a programming question, please explain further. –  David Thornley Nov 17 '10 at 17:19

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This will give you the locations:

grep -rE '(x(37|4[1-6]|63|7[56]|8[123]|9[56]))|Bottom[123]|Middle1?|Right1|Top3' /directory/to/search

This will give you the frequencies:

grep -orE '(x(37|4[1-6]|63|7[56]|8[123]|9[56]))|Bottom[123]|Middle1?|Right1|Top3' /directory/to/search | sort | uniq -c
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