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I am looking for a utility to convert fortran IV code to a more structured sort of fortran like fortran 77 or later. I am trying to understand what exactly the code does and all those "goto" and calculated "if" statements don't help. Thanks.

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out of curiosity why do you need this? –  Yuck Nov 17 '10 at 18:14
How many lines of code are we talking here? –  ja72 Nov 17 '10 at 18:56
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All already mentioned aside, in the end it always comes down to a bit of hard labour :) And that's where SciTools Understand shines.

alt text

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There's a section of the FORTRAN FAQ on this (search for "Code re-structurers and converters")

TIDY looks like it will do some of the work for you. Unfortunately not including the calculated-if and goto

Web page last updated more than 10 years ago!

A commercial product is here, but costs ~$500 for 5000 lines of conversion.

Courses on how to do this manually can be found here

IBM utility to convert Fortran IV to PL-I :) written in 1973, it seems

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There is also PlusFort, which can do comprehensive restructuring -- see the examples at http://www.polyhedron.com/spag0html. There is a reduced capability version that is free for certain uses: http://www.polyhedron.com/pflinux0html

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