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how can i send in-body attached images in a mail using python? I found this: but it has not an example with images.


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Take a look at the big example of "how to send the entire contents of a directory as an email message". The image in the file fp is converted into the message part msg here:

msg = MIMEImage(, _subtype=subtype)

and then the message part is attached to the outer message here:

msg.add_header('Content-Disposition', 'attachment', filename=filename)

If you want the image to appear inline rather than as an attachment, you should set its Content-Disposition to inline instead of attachment.

(If you want to create HTML messages that display attached images, then you need to use the multipart/related MIME type defined in RFC 2387. Ask if you need help with this.)

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Attach the image and use html to display it. See the MIME example from your link for how to attach it. An <img> tag will do for display in most clients. Make sure you use the appropriate MIME type for html. Your link tells you how to do that too.

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