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I've been ask to build a multi-threaded java application using the java.util.concurrent library. I'm not familiar with this library, but have a good understanding of problems with multi-threaded code.

I'm looking for a tutorial and example code that shows this java library in use and it's best practises.

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If you are a fast learner, I recommend the site (Java API by Example).

Here's the full link for the concurrent package:

EDIT: If you can spend some cash (and isn't in a hurry), I recommend this book: Java Concurrency in Practice

It is really full of examples and good practices.

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+1 The book is great – Jeremy Heiler Nov 17 '10 at 19:40
+1 as well, I own that book and give it out to college new hire developers, it's the best introduction to Java concurrency – Spike Gronim Nov 17 '10 at 20:04

I usually prefer to learn from the primary source and recommend this one:

Also I like very much book "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel

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You can try my brief notes on the subject (it's only 10 pages). I've made this quick tutorial after reading some articles alongside with javadoc for java.util.concurrent.

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Vogella's Java Concurrency / Multithreading Tutorial

Covers the basics (immutable data structures) and all relevant technologies - from Threads over the (Java 6, java.util.concurrent) Executor framework, and Futures/Callables, to the (coming Java 7) fork/join framework.

20 printed pages, not the best English, but to the point.

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checkout this post. It explains the basics of concurrent design very well.

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