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I want as I search backwards in the document to do copying (M-x) and then return to the saved mark after a few copying commands and paste the things I copied. What ways are there to do this?


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Do you mean you want to paste all of the things you copied in a single go?

One way is to do the first copy via M-w (aka M-x kill-ring-save), and the subsequent copies using C_M-w M-w. You can read about that in the docs here.

If you want to paste the chunks you copied individually, you can cycle through the pastes by doing C-y M-y M-y ..., where each successive M-y replaces the previous yank with the prior entry in the kill ring.

One nice mode for choosing which element from the kill ring to paste is the BrowseKillRing package.

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from the link you put up there a link to: "Yanking Earlier Kills" in sec13.3 of the docs explains the C-y M-y... command – Vass Nov 19 '10 at 10:44
how can you set the pointer in the kill ring back to the begining without having to cycle through all over again? – Vass Nov 19 '10 at 10:55
@Vass I don't know an easy way to reset the kill ring as the C-y M-y M-y sequence uses the state of the kill ring to decide what to yank next and it modifies the kill ring. You'd have to write a replacement for M-y which operates on a copy of the kill ring, and have C-y re-initialize that copy of the kill ring. Or something along those lines. That's worth another question if you want that behavior - someone will figure it out. – Trey Jackson Nov 19 '10 at 16:34

Not too sure what you're asking, but it sounds like you want random (i.e., direct) access to any entry in the kill ring.

In Icicles you can see all of your kill-ring, filter it dynamically to see only some of it, and yank any entries from it using completion. By default, C-y is bound in Icicle mode to icicle-yank-maybe-completing.

That's the same as yank, unless you give it a negative prefix arg (e.g., C--). In that case, it lets you complete against the kill-ring. Completion can be prefix, apropos (substring, regexp), or fuzzy.

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