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I have data which needs to be written to azure storage tables. Can someone point me to a blog or msdn article where I can refer the sample code? Help me proceed beyond the 4th line of code.

        string tableName = "myTable";
        CloudStorageAccount cloudStorageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("ConnectionString");
        CloudTableClient cloudTableClient = cloudStorageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient();
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Take a look at the Azure Platform Training Kit. In particular, look at the lab called ExploringWindowsAzureStorageVS2010. That lab will walk you through creating a table entity, creating a table context, and code to insert into table storage, including the use of AddObject() and SaveChanges() to write your entities to a table.

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I also found a good blog at

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That blog post was published in mid-2009, several months before official storage support came out in the SDK, and it's based on a sample storage client library that's no longer available. – David Makogon Nov 17 '10 at 23:31

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