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hi I'm loading an html page in a webbrowser control and Handling the htmlDoc_click event to read information under the mouse. however even though I cancel the event if the link uses onclick to attach a Javascript function it still executes it!

How can I allow my click but prevent the JS function from being called?

 void htmlDoc_Click(object sender, HtmlElementEventArgs e)

    //((Control)webBrowser1).Enabled = false; 

    Console.WriteLine("Mouse Click");

    if (e.CtrlKeyPressed)
        if (webBrowser1.Document.GetElementFromPoint(e.ClientMousePosition).InnerHtml != null)
            UiCommandText.Text += webBrowser1.Document.GetElementFromPoint(e.ClientMousePosition).InnerText + " ";
        //e.ReturnValue = false;

// stop mouse events moving on to the HTML doc return false

    e.ReturnValue = false;

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Hmya, it's a virus. It rules and it is bigger than you. Turning off Javascript is a system setting, you'll need to deal with that. –  Hans Passant Nov 17 '10 at 22:40
I don't want to turn it off just stop the onClick handling! the issue is I use Ctrl Click to allow the user to capture the information under the mouse, but on some sites where they use onClick it still causes the page to follow the link! –  Adrian Nov 17 '10 at 22:51

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