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  • A Graph DB that can handle around 100k-1M nodes

  • We need nodes that can have different types and attributes

  • We need edges (associations between nodes) that also can have different types and attributes

  • Transactional support (all or nothing commits to DB)

  • History of changes to elements (add/remove element, add/remove edge, add/remove/modification of attribute)

    • time-span that during the element existed (could either be supported directly by Graph DB or we created layer on top)

Bonus points:

  • Support for some smart graph query language that can be used find nodes

    • To be used for reporting and queries in program

    • SPARQL might be a good if they support. Too complicated query language?

  • Support for inheritance between node and edge types (to enable query graph for a more generic element type and then also get the inherited element types)

  • Replication and failover to secondary DB, or backup to a central DB

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Neo4j supports everything that you need, but it is not free for commercial projects;

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Im looking for something like Neo4j, but I need more ooptions to consider. –  Robert Foss Nov 20 '10 at 16:46

Not sure if it fullfills all your requirements but IntelliDimension has a commercial product that sits on top of Microsoft SQL Server and supports SPARQL. They also provide a SDK for .Net.


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