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i have the following classes :

class Address
  String street; String street2; String number; 
  /*.....other fields, getters and setters*/  

class Person
    /*person specific fields*/
    Address address;

class User
  /* user specific fields */
  Person owner; 

and i need to make 2 forms one for Person and one for User , since im using wicket, it seems logical that i could make an AddressFieldsPanel with all the fields of an address and use that panel inside PersonForm and UserForm markup but, wich model should i use to be able to bind the address fields to the address property of the Person class and also to the owner.address of the User class, is this posible in wicket?

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You might want to try making a FormComponentPanel. I don't know a good public example for this, but there are definitely uses of it in wicket-datetime, and you can get the source for that here.

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well looks like that was the answer, making "AddressFieldsPanel" a "FormComponentPanel" certainly gives the desired effect and can be resused to bind to any "Address" object of any class – Harima555 Nov 18 '10 at 16:28

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