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I'm having some problems in visualizing the data on a DBGrid.

I'm using Delphi 5.0 and I have a Interbase 6.0 DB with 50MB size

Some tables have about 32000 elements they are huge ones.

I'm using Interbase stuff such as:

  • IBTable
  • IBTransaction
  • DataSource1
  • Database
  • DBNavigator

create the connection.

I do stabilish the connection but the data is not diplayed.

There are any problems related to wrong Component configuration. I think the problem is something related to the size of my DB and how Delphi handles the Data.

For example: If on the TIBDatabase I set the AllowStreamedConnected to true the data is diplayed.

  • Is there any other specific info I have to set in order to make the DB data to become visualizable?

  • Is there something in Delphi or Interbase/Firebird I can change to make the data visible?

  • Maybe it is something on the Interbase/Firebird Connector???

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  1. Put TIBDatabase, TIBTransaction, TIBTable, TDataSource and TDBGrid components on your form.
  2. Set Database properties: database name, login, password etc.
  3. Link Transaction property Default database to your Database.
  4. Link IBTable properties Database and Transaction to your Database and Transaction
  5. Connect DataSource to IBTable.
  6. Set Grid datasource property to your datasource.

Then write OnCreate event for your form. Something like this:

Database.Connected := True;

That would be enough to see your data in the grid.

PS: IBTable is here only for compatability reasons. Use IBDataSet instead.

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