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I've got a bunch of math/dsp algorithms in C. Single functions, one function per file, no fancy linking or includes or preprocessor directives, only c99 and standard library calls (mainly memset and memmoves to handle array copying etc). Translating them is not a big problem, but it takes time. I was wondering if there was some C -> Javascript translation tool, in order to speed up the work.

Please mind I don't need a perfect translation, I will put my hand on the final result anyway. What I need is a simple tool that helps with the basic, "boring" things.

Anyone heard of such a thing?

Edit: seems that emscripten will do the trick.

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The way that C allows pointers to be used, such a tool would surely fail on all but the most contrived examples. –  cdhowie Nov 18 '10 at 1:24
I'm noot looking for a perfect translator that can understand the pointer logic, I'm looking for a mildly-stupid workhorse that can do the boring parts automatically. –  janesconference Nov 18 '10 at 1:32
(thx for the edit!) –  janesconference Nov 18 '10 at 1:48
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Update: it seems The Times They Are a-Changin' :)

See this article: DOOM Ported to JavaScript and HTML5

Zakai compiled the DOOM source code from C to JavaScript using Emscripten and Clang and optimized it with Closure Compiler.

And here is the Project page. Have fun! :)

I'm not looking for a perfect translator that can understand the pointer logic, I'm looking for a mildly-stupid workhorse that can do the boring parts automatically

One thing to understand is that if you can't define parts to be left out and others to be translated. To process a C file you need a parser. A very intelligent one.

int a = 5 / 6;    // 1
-> var a = 5 / 6; // 1,2

When you're dealing with arrays (as you've stated) you pass the size in C, which is useless in JS. But how do you tell to the parser that which parameter is useless?

int simple(int* arr, int size, int other_param)
-> function simple(arr, size, other_param) ??

Another probelm when you use memcpy the type of the data doesn't matter, because you give the number of bytes to copy. In the case of simple strings this can be converted into a slice call with a
1 byte = 1 character analogy. But what happens if you use it on arrays? You give the sizeof(int) * number which can't be translated into JS, because there are no types.

memcpy(str2, str1, strlen(str1)+1); // str2 = str1.slice(0, str1.length)
memcpy(arr2, arr1, sizeof(int)*10); // arr2 = arr1.slice(0, 10)

You may see the problem. You could translate the line because you've got intuition, but a program can't tell the difference between the sizeof(int) used here or in some other places. Not to mention the case when you copy an object.

So what I'm trying to say is that it's not impossible to convert a typed language to Javascript, as there is GWT which just does the same with Java -> Javascript. But the pointer arithmetic in C really does make a difference. Even if you think this is just basic usage of pointers, a parser can't tell what "basic usage" is.

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ahah i found the way: translate c to Java with this: axiomsol.com, then translate Java to Javascript with GWT (just joking). –  janesconference Nov 18 '10 at 10:33
Anyway: 1) You parse C and, if you realze it's an integer division (you look at the types of the operands), you Math.floor the result in js 2) You don't care what is useless, you pass the parameter anyway in the translated script. It's redundant, not incorrect. Mind I don't look for a translator that optimizes, I'm gonna do do the optimizations. 3) Looks more complex, but you can always lokk at the array type and calculate how many elements you're copying. 3b) Objects in C? You're talking about structures or you're thinking about OO techniques in C? –  janesconference Nov 18 '10 at 10:41
See my update, it seem some folks got it working for DOOM :) –  galambalazs Jun 3 '11 at 17:51
I see you found the project. Why isn't your accepted answer on the top? I already missed it :) –  galambalazs Jun 3 '11 at 17:53
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FYI, Emscripten does exactly that.

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There is no such translation tool that can translate from C to JavaScript. However, you should retell the workings of your code to a JavaScript programmer and let him to reproduce it.

Or, you can search-replace things like int i = 0 into var i = 0's.

Do algorithms even depend on pointers? They will be rewritten into array-driven style.

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Yeah, I can write JavaScript too. I was only looking for a tool that did all the boring routine, such as search replacing ints into vars, or statics into members, allocs into [], structs into {} :) –  janesconference Nov 18 '10 at 1:30
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I'd rewrite them. They are two very different languages, if you "translate" them you'll get lousy Javascript code.

Or, you can wrap them, put them in a library and call them from JS.

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