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I have the following code;

_fileHandler = new FileHandler(_logFileNameAndpath, true);
_logger = Logger.getLogger("MyLogger");
SimpleFormatter formatter = new SimpleFormatter();
_logger.log(Level.INFO, message);

However, the logging, to me at least, looks weird in that it creates something like 100 files all named with a numeric extension such at .75, .76, .77 etc.

Can anyone shed any light as to how to make the logger append to the specified file?

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Why aren't you log4j.properties or log4j.xml? – CoolBeans Nov 18 '10 at 4:23
@CoolBeans - This is java.util.logging, not log4j. – Andy Thomas Nov 18 '10 at 14:41
Aahh, I have not used that in forever. So absolutely forgot about it. Thanks Andy! – CoolBeans Nov 18 '10 at 15:07

Try this:

_fileHandler = new FileHandler(_logFileNameAndpath, true, 1 );

The last argument is:

count - the number of files to use 

Incidentally, you can also configure logging through a file sometimes named ''logging.properties,'' specified through the property java.util.logging.config.file. You can find a sample logging.properties file, with instructions, in your JRE directory tree.

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I suggest you to put everything in a StringBuffer and then finally log it at each class or package.

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