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I've been burning through cyberspace for an hour or two looking for the solution to the problem described here: Rails validation and 'fieldWithErrors' wrapping select tags

To summarize - In rails 3, form fields are (by default) wrapped with a "field_with_error" div when a validation fails. This is awesome. However, rails has a very basic approach to matching the fields with errors. It only searches for HTML tags with a name attribute identical to the method name.

Select fields that reference another model are common in rails forms and unfortunately, they're name becomes :method_id rather than :method.


<%= form.text_field :name %>
<%= form.select :gender_id, Gender.all.collect{ |g| [g.name, g.id] } %>

The first field gets properly surrounded by a <div class="field_with_errors">. However, the second does not because it uses :gender_id rather than :gender.

I am simply looking for an elegant solution to this problem. I can't get any of the responses to the linked question work in rails 3. The one that has me altering ActionView looked promising but I can't even find that file...

I feel like I should just comment on that thread but I can't (or at least can't figure out how to).


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