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I have a ragged hierarchy of parents and children. Some parents have 5 children, while others have 0 children.

The expandableListView displays the "Expand/Collapse" icon even if there are no children.

Is there a way to hide the icon for only those Parents (rows) that have no children? I still want to show the row of the Parents with no children, and allow a user to click on them, but the "Expand/Collapse" icon is confusing.

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Another site suggests that you can set a drawable with state "empty" for the Child Indicator.

Have a look here: Expandable List Indicator

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This example seems to change all the Parent rows...not just the a single group row. –  Matthew Drooker Nov 30 '10 at 3:35

I used a small trick, making a group indicator transparent:


The description is in this site:


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