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I'm working on improving one of my client's websites by converting their "FAQ" section to a full blown KB article system with (preferably) nifty AJAX search mechanism. I've done some searching and found a few commercial products but would prefer something open source and wanted some recommendations before I jump blindly in to anything.

Ideally you'd start with a search of some sort, and if you did not get a desired result, you could submit a ticket.

The ticketing system could be something advanced or something as simple as a generated email to a pre-designated email address. Either is fine.

Most importantly I should be able to customize the theme to look like the rest of the website so that it blends in seamlessly.

Any ideas/suggestions? Not sure if I'm even asking for something that exists out there, but figured I would do some research before rolling my own.

The system is a fairly standard LAMP setup using PHP 5.

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RT has a good FAQ Manager (called, unsurprisingly, RTFM) - a full RT install may be a little overkill for what you need, but apparently you can use RTFM stand-alone.

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What about drupal or similar CMS?

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Have you looked at Andy's PHP Knowledgebase?

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