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is it possible to load freemarker templates from zip file?

i want to zip all templates in a single file and put it in my application.

is it possible?

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I don't know about a zip file, but you can load them up from a jar file using the 'classForTemplateLoading' feature:

public class MyLoader 
    private static Configuration cfg = new Configuration();

         cfg.setClassForTemplateLoading( MyLoader.class, "/" );

    public Template getTemplate( String path ) throws Throwable
         return cfg.getTemplate(path);

For example, if your template "MyTemplate.ftl" is in the 'com.mycode.templates' package, the path would be "/com/mycode/templates/MyTemplate.ftl".

So then you would jar up your 'source' tree as if it were classes, add the jar to your classpath and it should all just work.

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See also stackoverflow.com/questions/3019424/… –  Rodney Gitzel May 27 '11 at 19:05

It might not be ideal, but if you would just load the text of the zipped template files you can instantiate a FreeMarkerTemplate from the String. I gave you an example of how it might be done below, but I suggest reading the freemarker documentation as well. (check the Getting Started tab)


Configuration cfg = new Configuration();
//configuring default free marker configuration
cfg.setObjectWrapper(new DefaultObjectWrapper());

//construct template from string
String templateText = "";//load template text from zip file

Template template= new Template("sometemplate", new StringReader(templateText), cfg);

//your data model 
Object root = new Object(); 

//process template 
StringWriter out = new StringWriter(); 
template.process(new Object(), out); 

String renderedText= out.toString(); 
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