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Hi consider that I have a for loop : for(int i = 0;i<4;i++)

in the for loop ,I want to print the random of numbers from 0 till 3 and the result include just 3 numbers from this.and each time that for loop execute ,the result of math.random must be different i.e., I have 4 numbers : (1,2,3,4) and I want to have 4 results after for loop executes: [1,2,3] [1,2,4] [2,3,4] [4,1,3] how can i produce these numbers? thanks

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Your question is extremely unclear. First you're talking about numbers 0 to 3, then 1 to 4... please clarify, as well as giving examples of what you've tried so far and what it's not doing for you. –  Jon Skeet Nov 18 '10 at 7:16

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Here's an idea:

  1. make a "master" list that will hold all your needed elements, from 0 to 3 (or 1 to 4, whatever you need)
  2. shuffle the list using Collections.shuffle
  3. turn that list into a stack
  4. pop everything from stack
  5. repeat 2-4 as needed

Step 4. is the one where you will get all your elements randomly, without duplication.

Note: in step 3., you can also create a new list from the master list instead of a stack if it seems easier, but the basic premise is the same.

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thanks I get it! –  user472221 Nov 18 '10 at 7:38

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