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So I have divs like this on my page:

<div class="drag"></div>

And this jquery code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {


});    //-->

The draggable effect works well.

But I would like to find out an id of a HTML tag where the draggable div gets dropped. If it has any.

So if I drag the div to a table with id="my-table", I want to get that value inside js and do something with it.

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if you have a draggable you also have a droppable...correct?

so you could do something like this:

  drop: function() {
    var dropId = $(this).attr('id');
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I just noticed this post because I recently posted a very similar question, so I will just leave the link here in case anyone wants tot take a look.

How to find out about the "snapped to" element for jQuery UI draggable elements on snap

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