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I am trying to use c# to create timesheet entries in Project Server and running across a problem with saving the number of hours for the timesheet line on a certain day.

If I look at the dataset, there is a property for TS_ACT_VALUE. If I use 1 hour it shows 60000. Does anyone know what the calculation is to get that value, or another method of saving the number of hours worked on a timesheet line item?

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Per the documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/websvctimesheet.timesheetdataset.actualsrow.ts_act_value.aspx the TS_ACT_VALUE column "represents the actual cost recorded for this timesheet line item."

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I am aware of the actual definition of the column but was more interested in how they get the calculation for it. when i look at sample data the column is divisible by 1000

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it simply because the time is reprensented in milisecond... simply multiply your value in a hour by 60000

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