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At the moment, I would like to know the detail of method tracing on android emulator. My purpose is modify QEMU source code (e.g: 0.12.4) for tracing of function calls of application which ran on QEMU (with ARM Linux), with below information:

Sim_Time PC Call_Type Process_ID

After investigated the source code of android emulator (located in android/platform/external/qemu), I just know a little about the method tracing. My understanding is: for this purpose, android emulator creates a trace device for trace methods (call/return pair), trace_dev_write() function calls the trace_interpreted_method() function. But I don't know the root cause to invoke trace_dev_write() function, when is this function is invoked and what is clarify is is invoked for method tracing. So my question is: How to know the call stack of method tracing (trace_interpreted_method func) in android emulator? or Could you explain to me about the methodology of method tracing in android emulator ?

Please help me to answer above questions.

Thanks in advance,

Quynh Nguyen

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