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What are these representation in python and how to use. My guess is it is used for data validation but never able to use it.

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In Python 2.6 and later, the % operator with a string left hand side is deprecated in favor of the str.format built-in method. "Name: %(name)s\n" % {'name': 'Bob'} turns into "Name: {name}\n".format(name='Bob'). –  Mike DeSimone Nov 19 '10 at 6:26

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This is string formatting using keys:

>>> d = {"answer": 42}
>>> "the answer is %(answer)d" % d
'the answer is 42'
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It's formatting a string, by picking values from a dictionary:

test = { "foo": 48,  "bar": 4711, "hello": "yes" }
print "%(foo)d %(bar)d and %(hello)s" % test


48 4711 and yes
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