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I use <c:foreach> in my jsf app to iterate over a list of people. I don't use <ui:repeat> because every person has its own tab (primefaces). JSF hero 'BalusC' already helped my out on this one link. Now I tried to save (postback) the data. This doesn't work with <c:forEach>, the approriate setter of the Person object gets never called. With <ui:repeat> it works. Obviously I haven't grasped the difference between the two tags so I would appriciate some enlightenment.



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<c:forEach> does not build JSF tree nodes on the server. You can see this directly in the html, the inputs do not have the usual long and distinct id="j_12:customerTabPanel:j_34:customerName".

Please, read this:


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<c:***> tags are build-time tags, as <ui:***> are rendered-time tags. To get the difference between these two concepts, I recommand you to read the two links below:

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