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I am interesting in: what is the best way to write applications (for example games or business apps) for so different platforms like Android and Phone 7 with minimal changes in source code, logic and other developing artefacts? Or it is impossible and i must write my application two times from the "ground" for each of devices? Please tell me about your experience?

Thank you for any advice!

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Voting to close. I think this is covered really well here: stackoverflow.com/questions/4066877/… –  Mick N Nov 18 '10 at 12:10

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Unfortunately, you have to write your app twice in this case. I wouldn't recommend using mono for performance reasons. I also found it quite unreliable, tho it may work just ok for your apps.

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If it's possible for your app, create it as a web application, perhaps using some mobile web app framework.

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Windows Phone 7 requires you to develop in C#. However, you can use Mono on both iPhone and Android. This allows you to reuse your business logic. Have a look at MonoTouch and MonoDroid. The MMI (Man-Machine Interface) needs to be done differently on each platform.

Good luck!

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