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I want to make a view helper for my whole website.

Which fetches entity_names from database every time i will give entity_id as peramater in helper function.

Is it possible using view helper?

If any other simple way is there pls tell me.

In sort i want to make a common helper for my whole website for some sort of database queries like getting names by id's.

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Yes this is possible and pretty much the intended use of view helpers (if I get your use correct). You might have to get a bit more concrete if you problems with implementing it ;) –  Fge Nov 18 '10 at 11:39

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I don't think this belongs in the view but rather the model part of your application. Getting stuff off the database is the model's responsibility, not the view.

Here's a similar question that might point you in the right direction: php design question - will a Helper help here?

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