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I am to create an educational video. I have to capture continuous screen shots as a video as well as the audio. Please explain me what software that can I use in this process?

Bellow is an example video clip similar to which that I want to produce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jl_sud5Fak&feature=fvsr

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I am using Windows Media Encoder Version 9 (sorry, I only have the German link at hand right now) to do the screen capturing, and Microsoft MovieMaker to assemble instructional movies. I capture non-moving images by simple PrintScreen (... and all free ;-) ).

It works very well for instructional videos, if I choose the encoding parameters wisely (5 fps, higher masterframe interval, etc.) and if I am consequent about media size (i.e. all programs use same -say- 800x600 ... don't mix). I even can do shots of (fast-moving) animated GoogleEarth up to 640x480 on my Laptop.

Hope that helps - good luck

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I've found Techsmith's Jing to be quite good for screen video capture, though it's not freeware/OSS.

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I thought Jing was free - at least the basic version. –  Roddy Nov 18 '10 at 14:03

Screen Video Recorder is able to record everything on PC screen to video files . It offers several modes of recording, custom area, full screen etc. I can add my voice into files through microphone. It is very suitable for making tutorials.

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