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Hy,... So u can see that my test is blurred at the UITextfield in my cell. But I search in the internet about it, and the only solution is to use int-coordinates and I do that! But when I push to my other subview's ('Kollege', 'Fahrten', etc.) then the text gets more blurred and when I want to write another text in the textfield there is still this text and doesn't clear when I push the delete-button! Please help :)


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It sounds (and looks) like you might be piling multiple text fields on top of each other.

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Are you using a font height like 14,5? If so, just change it to 14 or 15, that helped for me.

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Nope, i think it was the problem that I always add a new uitextfield :D -- noobie fail – Christian 'fuzi' Orgler Nov 18 '10 at 20:07

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