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I am looking for examples of a DirectShow Source filter that would display a Desktop Window. I am sure there should be examples, but I haven't yet found them. Perhaps I am using the wrong terminology.

This is for grabbing live output of a Window, and processing that has video.


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Hi Lee were you able to get this done? I was looking for a simple example I can look at and learn from / port. So much stuff out there is so complicated for COM beginner like me. – Noitidart Jun 7 at 1:35
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In DirectShow SDK there is a sample filter called PushSource and inside there is PushSourceDesktop. Compile it, register ("regsvr32 PushSource.ax") and insert into your graph as a source filter.

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Thanks, I'll give it a go. – Lee Atkinson Dec 1 '10 at 17:17
I tried the same, but my recorder program (FFmpeg, or a source from DSpack) cant see it as source. Any idea? – John Smith Apr 10 '12 at 19:24

here's a few more: http://betterlogic.com/roger/2010/07/open-source-directshow-screen-capture/

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Wow thank you for this I am check it out right now! As a hobby project I am trying to learn COM and create a small Firefox addon that records the screen, system audio, web cam and mic audio to make a quick screencast. I think this is what I have been looking for! Thank you sir! As a beginner though, would you have a simpler exmaple of just recording video of the monitors or a window? – Noitidart Jun 7 at 1:16
I was looking at this here - github.com/pauldotknopf/WindowsSDK7-Samples/blob/… - PushSourceDesktop, dos this record the cursor as well? – Noitidart Jun 7 at 1:50
Thanks @rogeerdpack could you please point out the sections of interest. I'm new to COM and am having hard time following between the files. It seems the code is over multiple files no? – Noitidart Jun 8 at 3:31

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