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I want to use MathJax to display MathML equations, but its performance in IE is unacceptably slow (yes, I read about using EmulateIE7, this is also unacceptable as it would break other areas of the site).

I don't need to support user-generated equations, and most of my data is already in XML form, so doing an XSL transform to HTML seems like the most compatible solution.

Ideally, the HTML would be similar/exactly the same as that which comes from MathJax. Displaying an image in place of the whole equation is a poor solution, as is requiring IE users to install MathPlayer.

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jqmath should be a lot faster, and doesn't use any images or require MathPlayer (though it uses MathPlayer when available).

To use jqmath, you will need to convert your XML equations to a simplified TeX-like syntax, if you don't have them in that form already.

Please let me (us) know if this solves your problem.

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