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Any one help to me to record and play audio Simultaneously in Iphone.

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Send me more description. The recording should be done by mic? How precise have to be synchronization, etc. Perhaps you should check out apple sample code aurioTouch. –  Vanya Nov 18 '10 at 13:55

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You can play and record simultaneously on iOS devices (except the 1st gen Touch) using either the Audio Unit RemoteIO or the Audio Queue API. These are lower level APIs where you have to handle the incoming buffers of outgoing and incoming PCM samples yourself.

See Apple's aurioTouch sample app for example code.

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You can get a use from AVFoundation framework. It has AVAudioPlayer to play audio files and AVAudioRecorder to record. You have to bear in mind that Recorder will record with the use of mic only. So with the simultameously playing a audio file and recording it depends on how the mic will perceive the audio that is played.

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Please Check aurioTouch apple sample code for audio record-and-play simultaneously

You can also check Recording Audio on an iPhone

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Hope this helps some folks... I made an app that records audio, say from an app like Pandora and can playback the audio. Run/Play an audio app, run AudioMic, record, turn the audio app sound off, go back and play the recorded audio from AudioMic. Yay!


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