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I find that when I change a class from

public class MarkdownEditorOptions : ObservableObject


public class MarkdownEditorOptions : INotifyPropertyChanged, DependencyObject

as I wanted to use dependency properties, I get the error

Default value for the 'Options' property cannot be bound to a specific thread. ...\Views\ShellView.xaml

Options is declared as a dependency property on ShellViewModel

public MarkdownEditorOptions Options
    get { return (MarkdownEditorOptions)GetValue(OptionsProperty); }
    set { SetValue(OptionsProperty, value); }

public static readonly DependencyProperty OptionsProperty =
    DependencyProperty.Register("Options", typeof(MarkdownEditorOptions), typeof(ShellViewModel), new UIPropertyMetadata(new MarkdownEditorOptions()));

whats wrong?

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See these questions

Your Dependency property is not thread safe, meaning that it doesn't inherit from System.Windows.Freezable.
Change DependencyObject to Freezable and it'll work since Freezable derives from DependencyObject.

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Should I then always use Freezable over DependencyObject then? Or is there some downsides associated with it? –  Jiew Meng Nov 19 '10 at 1:13
Hey I found that its a Read Only object, what if I need to modify dependency properties in it? –  Jiew Meng Nov 19 '10 at 1:16

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