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why google map does not show duplicate markers?

My data has duplicate addresses - how to make them all appear e.g. 1-3 markers per city?

var map =
        new google.visualization.Map(document.getElementById('map_div'));

     var options = {};
        options['dataMode'] = 'markers';
        options['showTip'] = 'true';

    map.draw(geoView, options);
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duplicate addresses? u mean same latitude and longitude? –  jebberwocky Nov 18 '10 at 15:09

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The markers overlap so you can only see one. You can tell by a darker shadow. If you want to be able to click all three markers you'll have to do some testing when adding the markers. You can either stagger them a little bit or make one infowindow that incorporates all the markers at that lat/lng

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